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The IGTFusion System utilizes proprietary software algorithms to automatically align images from single and multiple image sources. IGTFusion can visualize and register 3D image data from multiple modalities, including CT, PET, and MR images automatically.

PET/CT Example

A CT-occult lesion is well visualized by a PET image. IGTFusion brings the PET image onto the CT so that an ablation needle can visualized directly with the PET avid lesion.

MR/CT Example

For this biopsy, the MR delienates a number of soft tissue regions, while the CT appears homogenous. When IGTFusion overlays the MR with the CT, soft tissue enhancement can be viewed simulateously with the needle.

Contrast CT to Noncontrast CT Example

In this ablation case, IGTFusion is able to bring contrast CT to the noncontrast CT utilized during the procedure so the lesion can continue to be visualized.

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